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2021 TBSA Operation Positions

Executive Board Members
Executive President:                                Mike Rosencutter          785-640-2150     [email protected]
Executive Vice President:                        Adina Mayhew              310-447-4874     [email protected]
Vice President - Baseball Operations:     Chris Benson                 785-250-1349     [email protected]
Vice President - Softball Operations:      Everett Dexter               785-813-6037     [email protected]
Secretary:                                                Melody Rosencutter      785-640-0822     [email protected]

TBSA Board of Directors
Angie Lake                         785-249-8398    [email protected]
Angie Stuwart                    785-383-2140     [email protected]
Anthony Hensley               785-232-1944     [email protected]
Christine Mooney              785-383-4595     [email protected]
Danielle Flesher                 785-554-7870     [email protected]
Dawn Turner                     785-608-0272     [email protected]
Doug Moore                     785-969-6768     [email protected]
James Turner                     785-554-0120     [email protected]
Jim Parrish                         785-234-5411     [email protected]
John Fletcher                     785-969-4778     [email protected]
Les Parrish                         785-250-0053     [email protected]
Mike Redmon                    785-250-7542     [email protected]
Nick King                           785-506-6679    
Ron Morehead                  785-580-5898     [email protected]
Rodney Bowen                  785-213-6732     [email protected]
Shawn Sutter                     785-969-0606     [email protected]

Player Application Coordinator
Melody Rosencutter         785-640-0822     [email protected]

Baseball Operations:
Vice President - Baseball Operations:     Chris Benson     785-250-1349      [email protected]

Tournament Director:           OPEN
Records Clerk:                      OPEN          
Accounting Clerk:                 OPEN

Rookie (Instructional):          Ron Morehead  785-580-5898   [email protected]

Pinto (8 and under):             Danielle Flesher 785-554-7870  [email protected]

Mustang (10 and under):     Angie Stewart   785-383-2143   [email protected]

Bronco (12 and under):        Dawn Turner     785-608-0272   [email protected]

Pony (14 and under):           Rodney Bowen  785-213-6732   [email protected]

Colt (16 and under):             Doug Moore     785-969-6768   [email protected]

Palomino (18 and under):    Doug Moore      785-969-6768  [email protected]

Softball Operations:
Vice President - Softball Operations:    Everett Dexter    785-813-6037    [email protected]

Tournament Director:              OPEN
Records Clerk:                          OPEN
Accounting Clerk:                    Rebecca Redmon     785-861-6451    [email protected]

Instructional (8 and under):     John Fletcher           785-969-4778     [email protected]

10u Softball - League Representative:     Christine Mooney     785-383-4595    [email protected]

12u Softball - League Representative:     Angie Lake               785-249-8398     [email protected]

14u Softball - League Representative:      Stacy McGuire         785-969-2168    [email protected]          

18u Softball - League Representative:      Randall Collins         785-218-8084    [email protected]

TBSA League Staff
Fall Ball Director:          OPEN

TPUA President:           Teagan Swoboda   785-224-7595     [email protected]
    Umpire-in-Chief:      Dean Carson          785-608-2630     [email protected]

Web Site Coordinator:                  Dean Carson     785-608-2630  [email protected]
Web Site Assistant Coordinator:  Adina Mayhew  310-447-4874  [email protected]   

Operation Re-Catch Director:                  Courtney Sanders   785-845-8032    [email protected]
Operation Re-Catch Assistant Director:                

Concession Stand Manager:     OPEN 

Friends of Dornwood
President:                          Mike Redmon          785-861-6450    [email protected]
Scholarship Coordinator:  Rebecca Redmon    785-250-7859     [email protected]       



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